Mastering Studios

Expert mastering studios are online to upload your tracks 24x7.

Mastering Studios that deliver strong, creatively sensitive yet technically perfect products for our musical clients.

And, you can get a free master of your song!

first, go to the song registration page

Once there, simply enter your name and email address, and you will receive a unique link for your personal song upload. Click on that link and you will arrive at the upload page and the system logs in your track as you upload it.

Once we have your song file, we put it up “on the bench” and work with it until it sounds like a hit. This involves working with the levels and frequency bands until the maximum warmth and punchiness is achieved.

Then, we will send you a high resolution wav file by electronic delivery and you will be notified by an automated email with a link to your own personal console and your download link, plus comments from the mastering engineer, if any. Your master file will be suitable for national release*, and available to you for your download convenience, generally within 12 to 48 hours. You are the owner of the track, we do this as a promotion and you are instantly eligible to copyright your master as a sound recording (form SR) at if you wish.

* Please be advised that the quality of the master is dependent on the quality of the product being mastered, including sample rate issues, file format conversions, or mix export concerns such as clipping or headroom issues. We will advise you of any quality issues we encounter.