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Copyright Tutorial

If you need to get information about how to copyright your songs online and save money, view our Copyright Tutorial here.

Groove-Phonic News

Groove-Phonic has just finished albums for two independent artists - Dennis Sierra's new album "Song of Life", and "Paradise by Sam Robinson Thalluri.


If you are an independent musician who has created a catalog of musical works or an album, and you’ve got that perfect final mix — now you need the ultimate touch, the total audio enhancement that Mastering will provide. Our producers' mastering engineering skills will blow you away - try a free master and see!

Online Music Mixing

If you are an independent producer or artist that records tracks but needs assistance with mixing - you have come to the right place. We will hook up your mix - all you have to do is record your tracks and send us the parts. See the #Mixing section. Our online music mixing services are the best quality you'll find for equivalent cost.

If you are a midi producer who writes great music, but just doesn't get that right sound due to limitations of resources - be it hardware, software, VST instruments or whatever is required to get that big sound - we can help you. See our music production services.

Audio Mastering

is a necessary step. Get a free master done now of your song or track - get started by clicking the button above.

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